WWRM: Peek-a-Who?

wwrm-449670-edited.pngThis week, we are reading Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden. 
peeka1.jpgThis is a simple but fun board book. There are die cut pages that say "peek a" with a glimpse of the next page. All the things peeking out at you are words that rhyme with who. The babies are very into peek-a-boo right now and it ties in nicely with that game. The text is very short but it's interactive and the diecut pages are easy for the babies to grasp. There's also a special surprise at the end that they love! 
peeka2.jpgThe babies actually fight over this book. If one has it, the other wants it! Although, Baby B reads it and plays with the die cut pages while Baby A prefers to eat it...either way they love the book! We recently found Peek-a-Zoo, a companion book, at the library and it was an equally big hit.

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