WWRM: Oh No!

wwrm-449670-edited.pngWe have had such a busy August! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things after family visits and traveling and I'm starting with our current What We're Reading Monday: Oh No! by Candace Fleming.

ohno1.jpgI initially chose this book from the library because Miss Baby A started putting her hands on her head every time we say "oh no!". It's cute as can be so I figured reading the book with her would be entertaining for both of us. I was also drawn to Eric Rohmann's illustrations (it's more vibrant than this picture!).

In the book, a frog falls into a "deep deep hole" and can't get out - oh no! As other animals try to help him out, they get themselves stuck as well. As you might guess from the cover, a sneaky tiger makes an appearance...oh no!

Oh No! has great rhythm and onomatopoeia that makes it so much fun to read. I think I read it every day for three weeks whether or not the babies were paying any attention to me! There are also a lot of opportunities to add in motions. I was reminded of We're Going on a Bear Hunt as we read. I added in some stomping for ba-boom that Baby A still does if you say ba-boom to her. 

Overall, this was an excellent book to read out loud. There are lots of animals (I even learned two new ones!), interesting sounds, and a fun story.

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