WWRM: More Touch and Feels

wwrm-449670-edited.pngMy quest for more touch and feel books has been going well! My mom got this book for the babies to read on our vacation last week: 


It is part of a pretty huge series by Usborne books. I found a few others at the library this week. 

meercat.jpg pig.jpgThe texts and premise are pretty simple. On each page, there's a reason the animal isn't "mine". That's not my pig...its nose is too fuzzy and then the pig has a fuzzy nose. It goes on with different textured features of a pig that don't match "my" pig until you get to the end. Usborne does a good job using different textures which was my problem with other touch and feels we have.

touchfeel2.jpgI loved the meerkat book because it features a different animal than the babies have in any other books. I'm hoping to find a few more from this series to borrow from the library next time we visit.

I also found Llama Llama Sun and Sand by Anna Dewdney at the library this week.

llama_llama_sun.jpgNot only do we love Llama Llama, we just returned from the beach! This touch and feel about a day at the beach is very short but it's quite cute and the textures are great, especially the sand castle!

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