WWRM: Mommy! Mommy!


This week, we are reading Mommy! Mommy! by Taro Gomi. 


This book caught my attention at the library because it has two little chicks on the cover and I immediately thought "twins!". In this simple board book, two little chicks are looking for their mama. While looking for their mama, they encounter a few other things that resemble their mama but certainly aren't her.  

I enjoyed the illustrations and the use of white space with bright colors. The animals are a bit blobby but I think they are fun. The babies liked looking at the pictures and I look forward to reading it again when they have better comprehesion. It will be a good "mom will always come back" story.

I especially loved this book because the repeated "Mommy! Mommy!"...."Here I am." storyline is basically my life at the moment. Although the babies aren't talking yet, if I'm out of sight, they are usually looking for me! 

mommymommy.jpgOverall, this is a great book for mamas, especially twin mamas!


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