wwrm-449670-edited.pngThis week, we're reading LMNO Peas by Keith Baker.

LMNOP.jpgLMNO Peas is an alphabet book about little green peas who have all different jobs.

LMNOP2.jpgThe jobs are creative and I have fun telling the babies which jobs match the people in their lives. For example, their Pa is an Electrician, their grandma is a Quilter and a Weaver, and we have a lot of Teachers in our family!

LMNOP3.jpgAs you've probably noticed from other WWRMs, books that have good rhythm and read smoothly are important to me. I can't stand reading choppy, poorly rhyming books. This book reads really nicely and the rhyming flows well.

The babies prefer books with vibrant colors. In LMNO Peas, he illustrations pop on the white background and I think the contrast makes it easier for them to focus on the pictures. The babies love touching the pictures in this book and I'm looking forward to talking about the different kinds of jobs as they get older!

There are also a few more Peas books I'm excited to read with them - 123 Peas, a counting book, and Little Green Peas, a book of colors.

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