WWRM: Alice in Wonderland


This week we are reading Alice in Wonderland! This version of Alice in Wonderland is part of BabyLit's classics series, which I just learned about recently. 

AIW3.jpgYou might be wondering what I was wondering - how can you squeeze Alice in Wonderland into a board book? The BabyLit version of Alice takes you through the story with a focus on colors. Obviously, I do all the talking and pointing right now with the twins being 6 months old but I can see this book being even more fun as they start to interact with the illustrations and recognize colors. 

Also, as you may have guessed from the cover, the illustrations are amazing! Like, I-want-to-frame-them-all amazing. They are vibrant and have fun little details and I just love them. Alison Oliver, the illustrator, actually has prints for sale on her website so I may just have to get some for our playroom!


I cannot wait to add a few more BabyLit classics to our home library! 


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