What We're Reading: Blizzard

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Last week on our visit to the library this week, I picked up Blizzard by John Rocco. So far, this winter has been pretty mild in terms of snow so fingers crossed it stays that way and don't get the amount of snow in this book!

IMG_20170106_100442_310.jpgIn Blizzard, the author tells his experience as a child during the blizzard of '78. Beginning with the first flakes, he describes the impact of so much snow on his neighborhood, including both fun snow fort building and his plans to save the day when food starts to run low.

I love John Rocco's illustrations in this book (and all his others, especially Blackout, which you should also read). The snowy pictures have a lot of little extras to spot and are just overall beautiful.

The text is concise for a picture book so it kept the babies' attention despite being longer than their typical board books. Win! 


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