What We're Reading: Bringing In the New Year

What We're Reading at This Twin Life

This weekend, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, we read Bringing In the New Year by Grace Lin.

What We're Reading: Bringing in the New Year
In this book, a Chinese American family gets ready for the Lunar New Year. Everyone in the family helps out in different ways: by sweeping out the old year, making dumplings, listening for fireworks, and lighting lanterns to light the New Year's way. This was a perfect book to read with the babies this weekend as the Lunar New Year celebration started yesterday. 

I love Grace Lin's picture books (and her chapter books for that matter!). She is a local author in Boston and has even visited one of the schools where I used to teach! Her illustrations are vibrant and detailed and often have simple text that is perfect for little ones. The babies both LOVED the extra-long page at the end filled with a dragon as the family celebrates the new year.

If you have older kids, Grace Lin has a lot of activity ideas on her website related to this book and many of her other books as well!


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