Vacation Memories: Board Book Travel Journals

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We have been traveling a bit lately and while I've had big dreams of making photobooks of vacation memories, that hasn't panned out very well! I have a half-made book for our trip to Hilton Head last October and have yet to finish it. Someday.

In the meantime, I started board book travel journals! 


I have been bullet journaling for a few months to keep myself organized and track things like books I've read, blog posts, and baby milestones, which gave me the idea for a travel journal for the babies. In our travel journals, I'm hoping to preserve our memories of our trips, especially the little things I know I will forget. Not only has it been a simple way to save memories, board books are something we use every day and I know we will look at our vacation books from time to time.

The first book I got was All Aboard! California for our trip to California. 

travel_book_1.jpgWe got another copy of this book from our family from California so I kept one journal for each baby. Sometimes I wonder if by being twins, the babies get lumped together too much so it was nice to write things to each of them. This series worked well for this trip because we traveled to different areas of California. This particular book focuses on the different landscapes in California which was nice because we visited the beach, the city, the redwood forest, and up the coastline.

travel_book_2.jpgFor Chicago, I got C Is for Chicago, which is an alphabet book.
travel_books_3.jpg I loved that it covered so many different things related to Chicago and that we saw many of the places in the book. I kept up with writing in this book better than I did in California even though we were busier! I think it's because I made it part of my nightly routine while we were there. I also only did one book for our whole family this time around. Another thing I did with our Chicago book was have my best friend write an entry. We were in Chicago to visit her so I think it added a special touch to have a note about our time together for the babies. travel_books_4.jpgI'm excited to continue this tradition on future family trips! How do you keep memories for your family trips?



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