Twin Pregnancy Must-Haves

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I have only ever been pregnant with twins so I can't really compare my twin pregnancy to a singleton pregnancy. I didn't have a terribly difficult pregnancy in terms of complications but it sure wasn't easy to be pregnant with two babies! These are some of the things that got me through my twin pregnancy. I know a lot of them are general pregnancy items but some are specific to twin mamas!


1) a water bottle you LOVE - I have two of these Contigo water bottle and two Camelbak ones as well. Carrying around a water bottle reminded me to drink up which helped me feel better overall and kept my cramping at bay. You'll also need this if you're breastfeeding to stay hydrated!

2) peppermint oil - taking a whiff of this when I was feeling nauseous always helped me feel a little better.

3) something to settle your stomach - for me, it was these organic ginger candies and pretzels. I would suck on the candy all the way to work in the morning and it would help me get through my commute. Then I'd chomp my pretzels between meals.

4) pillows, pillows, and more pillows - I had pillows everywhere in my house. I needed them to support my giant belly when I lay on my side and keep myself sleeping on an incline because of my heartburn. I also needed them to prop myself up on the couch toward the end when the weight of two babies made it impossible to lay at all flat. I never got dizzy from laying flat but it felt like someone was sitting on me and it was hard to breathe!

5) What to Do When You're Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year by Natalie Diaz - I read a few twin books but I found this one most helpful and "real life".

6) Ziploc Bags - I kept Ziploc bags everywhere for morning sickness my coat pocket, in the car, next to the couch. They came in very handy a few times!

7) Tums - the 2nd and 3rd trimester heartburn was for reals. Everything I ate or drank besides milkshakes gave me heartburn. Tums to the rescue. 

8) belly support bands - these would have to be my number one twin pregnancy recommendation. I couldn't live without them. I had the smaller one, It's You Babe Mini Cradle, for about weeks 16-24 and then two of the larger NEOtech Care belly brace for the rest of my pregnancy. They made an incredible difference in how I felt. I had no back pain throughout the whole pregnancy and I think a lot if it had to do with wearing a support band (and doing yoga!). I even slept in it, which helped minimize my round ligament pain. I really only had round ligament pain when trying to roll over in bed but woke up a few times in such pain I had to wake up Ben to help me move. Then I figured out I should also be sleeping in my big old belly brace. Get one.

9) maxi skirts - My babies were born in July so it was warm or hot for my 3rd trimester. Maxi skirts were the way to go for me. I bought a bunch of fold-over waist maxi skirts at Target to wear to work and all summer. I went one size up and because of the fold-over waist and stretchy nature of the material, I didn't buy maternity skirts. I'm planning to wear them again when Spring comes!

10) prenatal yoga - I had been practicing yoga for about 4 months before I got pregnant and loved it. I took the first trimester off because I felt so sick or exhausted all the time but started up prenatal yoga classes in my second trimester. I went 1-3 times per week depending on how I was feeling. Even if I didn't feel great, I'd feel much better after a class. It got me moving and stretching and also helped me focus on calming my mind and breathing, skills I was able to apply during labor.

11) exercise ball - I sat on my exercise ball constantly. When the babies were high up in my ribs, it was the only way I could sit comfortably without crazy rib pain. As a bonus, we use the ball all the time to soothe the twins, nearly 6 months later. As newborns, they loved being bounced and swayed so we would sit on the ball when holding them. I still do it when one of them is having a fussy day or when I'm wearing them to nap.

12) Nourish Organic Body Butter - based on everything I've ever read, stretch marks are so heavily gene-related, I'm not sure anything would stop them. However, I did not get one stretch mark and I used this body butter in the morning and at night. I can't say if it did anything to help prevent stretch marks but I never had itchy belly skin and was always very well moisturized!

What are your pregnancy must haves? 

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