Traveling with 9 Month Old Twins: Flying

We recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Florida! On this trip, I flew down with my parents and the babies and Ben joined us later in the week. We stayed in a cabin at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys for a week and then Ben, the babies, and I spent a few days at Tranquility Bay Beach Resort in Marathon. Of course, the babies are changing so fast and frequently that we learn a whole new set of tricks each time we travel.

wear all the babies
The best thing I did at the airport was wear both of the babies. Although my dad is game for babywearing, I thought it would be easier to have him and my mom help manage the carseats and carryons and not worry about the babies. I used my mei tai on the back and Ergo on the front and it worked out great. Both babies love being worn and were happy as can be all through security. I did not have to take them out, I just went through the metal detector and had my hands swabbed. Once through, I took off the mei tai and stored it in my carryon because I carried on our infant car seat for one baby.

Fly2.jpgWe flew Southwest and they have a line order for boarding so I had to board by myself. This was no problem thanks to babywearing. I wore baby A on my front and carried the carseat with baby B. Here he is entertaining the back of the boarding line: 

fly1.jpgI was in line with fellow twin parents (of 22 year olds!). I swear this always happens at the best of times. Having the people behind me "get it" like no other parents is the best.

entertain with food and toys
Our flight down was delayed 3 hours and then changed to only 2 hours so there was a bit of a rush to get to the airport that involved waking the babies up from their morning nap. Thankfully, they did well even with an interrupted schedule. There was a little crying and whining here and there but nothing a little distracting couldn't stop. I always struggle because they both cry it out at nap time. They're down to just a few minutes at home but even a few minutes feels like forever on an airplane. Baby B was really tired and I knew if he cried it out, he'd pass out but he was getting really agitated so I gave up on napping and we kept them entertained with books, snacks, and favorite toys.

fly3.jpgFor food, I nursed, brought a few pouches, and these Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits, which were a hit.

Fly4.jpgOn the way home, we got to the airport extra early and the babies fell asleep while I was wearing them through security. After a decent nap, we had time to play and get some energy out before heading home. Below you can see how I used the carrying bag from my Boba wrap to hold all our toys. It's stretchy and can be stuffed with so much stuff. Then I threw that in the diaper bag and I never had to rummage around for toys. It worked great.

Fly_5.jpgOn the flight home, we also had a little fussing but nothing terrible. I was able to get baby A to nap in the Ergo for about an hour. We had a fabulous flight crew on JetBlue who went out of their way to make sure we didn't need anything and one extra sweet flight attendant walked by as I was bouncing around, trying to get baby A to sleep and whispered "You're doing a great job, don't you worry about anything!" which is always nice to hear.

More things we learned: 

☆ Smile - We have never encountered any negativity around having two babies on a flight. I try to be very friendly and the babies are overall happy, smiley babies so we generally have very nice, helpful interactions with the airline employees and other passengers. I've also always had another twin parent on the flight! 

☆ Airlines - Southwest requires proof of age for lap infants, which I've never been asked for by JetBlue, my usual airline. I brought their birth certificates just in case and it was good I did! JetBlue is still my favorite and they always go above and beyond to accommodate our family, whether it's giving us a row with an extra seat, helping us carry our carseats, a drink or snack on the house, or chatting with the babies.
 Clorox wipes are your friend (if you're a germaphobe like me) - I kept a pouch of these in the outside pocket of the diaper bag. I wiped down the seat, tray, and arm rest on the plane, a chair the babies were playing on at the airport, and the floor in the picture above where baby B is sitting and playing. The last thing we need is coming down with something on vacation.
☆ Research your airport - we did not know the airport we flew out of on the way home would require us to take a shuttle bus after dropping off our rental car. It was quite an ordeal getting two babies, two carseats, two suitcases, and two pack and plays on and off a bus. Had we known, Ben would have dropped me and the luggage off and then returned the car. Lesson learned.
Stay tuned because I'll be sharing some of the highlights of our trip!


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