Traveling with 9 Month Old Twins: Vacationing

As I mentioned, we recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Florida. Here's a little recap of our trip, along with a few things we learned about vacationing with twins!


On this trip, I flew down with my parents and the babies and Ben joined us later in the week. We spent five days in a cabin at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys before Ben joined us. A few days after that, Ben, the babies, and I went to Tranquility Bay Beach Resort in Marathon. Both places had two bedrooms and full kitchens and although they were very different we were very happy at both (the cabin was part of a campground and were secluded, minimalist, and quiet while Tranquility Bay was more luxurious, busy, and had resort amenities like pools, water sports, and restaurants). 

We spent a lot of time relaxing and hanging out with trips to the beach, Key West, and the pool (or blow up baby pool!) mixed in. It was really nice to spend time with my parents and for them to spend so much time with the babies!


The babies are really great travelers and while I tend to stick with their schedules and routines as much as I can, they go with the flow pretty well. We did the same wake up, nap (for the most part) and bedtime routines we do at home.


When vacationing with the babies, I have found it really helps to go with the mindset that we won't do nearly as much as we used to do on vacations. We don't eat long luxurious meals out or spend the day reading at the beach or pool but we still have fun and spending a week and a half in the sun was lovely and felt like a vacation. I even read a whole book!florida1.jpg

Things we learned: 

★ As long as we need a ton of gear, we're going to try and stay places we can rent what we need - stroller, pack and plays, high chairs, etc. It's just too much stuff to drag through parking garages, on shuttle buses, and through the airport. We don't have enough hands and getting everything there and back was stressful.

★ We are mostly pool people for the time being. It was infinitely easier to get the babies to the pool than to the beach. Plus someone (cough, cough, Baby B) is a major sand eater.

Florida5.jpg★ For now, we will try and stay places that have kitchens and separate bedrooms. Having two bedrooms at the cabin to separate the babies during naps was great since it's what we normally do. Having a separate bedroom and living area so the babies could go to bed and we could stay up was fantastic. And having a kitchen in both spaces allowed us to make most of our food which was money saving, overall easier than going out every meal, and it helped us keep our night routine the same.


★ Don't forget the library! I used the libraries in the Keys three separate times. Our cabin didn't have internet so I made one stop to use the wifi. I never thought I would finish an entire book and stopped at another library's book sale to grab a new read. And finally, it was a very hot day in Key West the day we visited and now that the babies are mobile, they can't sit in the stroller or be worn all day. They need movement breaks but in a place like Key West, there weren't a ton of places to let two babies roam around but there was the public library! It was cool, had toys to play with and books to read, and was a quiet place to stop, nurse, and play.

★ As with almost everything, wearing all the babies made our trip manageable - at the airport, at the pool, on walks, and all through a sweaty day in Key West!



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