All of a sudden, it's fall and all of a sudden, my babies are toddlers! Guys, the whole baby to toddler transition is HARD. Not just because the babies are actually toddling around in different directions right now, although that's a huge part of it. Their behavior, sleep, communication, and eating is all shifting dramatically.

It feels like an overnight change from little babies to little people who are trying to communicate, be independent, and I just can't even believe it most days. The biggest challenge I'm finding is changing our whole day as they shift to one nap. I really thought I had months left before the 2 to 1 nap switcheroo. But no - more often than not, the second nap wasn't happening anymore so we've been moving to one nap. Miss Baby A is still getting wiped out in the morning and can barely hang on until 11:30 or 12 (she'll fall asleep if we go out in the car or if I wear her) but Baby B is good to go. 
toddler2.jpgWith the nap change, I've been shifting breakfast earlier so we can eat lunch before our nap but as someone who enjoys a lazy morning, this is hard! I have to get up and get moving ASAP if there's any hope of getting out of the house and back for lunch. They are getting a little pickier about what they eat and like to try and use utensils but without the necessary fine motor control, they get frustrated (A more than B) and screechy!

Plus, now the babies are not only curious but are physically able to do things they couldn't do before - you know, like open the recycling bin, garbage can, lazy susan pantry cupboard (I found a jar of peanut butter in the tub yesterday), and climb chairs. There's more cleaning up, putting shoes back on 5 minutes after I first put them on, chasing, and wrestling going on than ever before. It takes longer to get ready and out the door than it did when they were little babies.

toddler4.jpgWith all these challenging changes, there's also amazing growth going on and it's fascinating and amazing to watch my little babies learning to communicate and play together. We've been working on using sign language which they have finally started using regularly and has really helped them communicate with us. They love helping and will put clothes in the laundry basket, toys in their buckets, and hand me things. They interact with each other more than ever and I've even caught them actually playing together, not side by side. 

So while transitions can be tough, I can see how watching them grow up will be quite an amazing adventure!


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