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Twin Pregnancy Must-Haves

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I have only ever been pregnant with twins so I can't really compare my twin pregnancy to a singleton pregnancy. I didn't have a terribly difficult pregnancy in terms of complications but it sure wasn't easy to be pregnant with two babies! These are some of the things that got me through my twin pregnancy. I know a lot of them are general pregnancy items but some are specific to twin mamas!

Our Story: Twin Pregnancy

This is part 2 of a 4 part series. 

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As I mentioned in our last post, it was quite a surprise to find out at 12 weeks we were expecting twins! I was fortunate enough to have a pretty uneventful pregnancy. I was nauseous and sick weeks 6-11 and I was pretty tired all throughout. Every morning before going to work, I’d be sick and wonder how I would be able to teach children all day. I ate pretzels nonstop during the day and took power naps in my office during lunch!

Our Twin Story: “You know there’s two”

This is part 1 of a 4 part series.
Part 2: Our Story: Twin Pregnancy
Part 3: Our Story: Labor and Vaginal Delivery of Twins

My husband, Ben, and I found out just before Christmas 2014 that I was pregnant. We were thrilled! We hadn’t been actively trying to get pregnant but we also weren’t not trying. We were very excited to tell our families over the holidays.

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