Crafty Mama: Mess-Free Painting

A while back, I was trying to make dinner but I needed a new distraction for the babies because none of their regular kitchen toys were cutting it. I remembered seeing different sensory bags on Pinterest and decided to put together some paint bags. They were a hit! Of course, it was so much fun that I wanted to play with them instead of cook so it may have defeated its original purpose!

Crafty Mama: Contact Paper Window Hearts

We have been crafting up a storm the past few weeks! This time we made contact paper hearts to stick on the windows in our playroom. 

BMB: Toddler Yoga

We had the opportunity to take Toddler Yoga at my favorite yoga studio, Coolidge Corner Yoga. Head over to Boston Moms Blog to check out what what we did and how toddler yoga can help your little one!

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