Foodie Friday: Fruit and Veggie Yogurts

I've been having fun making the babies' plain yogurt more exciting. My favorite yogurt for them is Wallaby Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt but I also like Maple Hill Creamery Greek Yogurt. Baby A is not a huge fan of plain yogurt, and honestly, I can't blame her. The only way I eat plain yogurt is in a smoothie because I think it tastes like I'm eating sour cream.

Foodie Friday: Hummus Bowls

This Foodie Friday is all about the hummus bowl! I'd never heard of a hummus bowl until a few months ago when a new restaurant opened near Ben's office that serves hummus bowls. This place has become our go-to for a healthy take out lunch when the babies and I visit the office. Basically, a hummus bowl is a delicious bowl of hummus topped with almost anything you want to add to it. It occurred to me that it would be pretty easy to recreate a hummus bowl for dinner so we tried it out this week. It was delicious and I made another, slightly different bowl for lunch the next day!

Foodie Friday: Vegetarian (or not) Chili

Last weekend I made one of my favorite easy, flexible, and hearty meals: vegetarian chili! I love this meal because it's easy to throw together and you can pretty much put anything in it (including meat) and it still tastes good.

Foodie Friday: Organizing Frozen Foods

Do you have a system for organizing your freezer? I didn't but now that I'm freezing and storing baby food, I needed to re-evaluate how my freezer is organized. This is what I've come up with and it's working so far!

Make and Freeze: Butternut Squash Baby Food

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Now that the babies are eating real food, I'll be sharing some of our favorite things to eat. I'm going to start with the twins' favorite food. We started introducing solid foods a few weeks ago so they haven't had too many choices yet but the current front runner is butternut squash!

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