Friday Faves: Disney Edition

Here are a few of our favorite things from our Disney trip!

10 Tips for Doing Disney with Babies

We spent a magical week at Disney World when the babies were 6 months old. We traveled with my parents, aunt, and brother, so we had a lot of helping hands throughout the trip! Here are a few of the tips and tricks we learned on our Disney vacation that might help you if you're traveling with twins or young babies!

Disney World with Babies: Big Take-Aways

We recently got back from our first trip to Disney World as a family of four! Technically, it's our second trip since I was 3 months pregnant when we went last year.

{February 2015 - our pregnancy announcement!}

We had a great trip! The weather was perfect (70s and sunny!) and it was amazing to be able to spend time outside without bundling up. It was definitely different going to Disney World with babies but they had a great first trip and we made a lot of memories!

Flying with Infant Twins: What We've Learned

We just got back from the twins' first visit to Disney World! This was our second trip as a family of four. Back when the babies were 3 months old, we went to Hilton Head, SC. Overall, the babies have been amazing little travelers but we have learned a few things about flying with infant twins over the course of 4 flights. Are we experts? Definitely not, but hopefully the things we've learned can help you out if you have a trip coming up!

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