Friday Freebie: Printable Laundry Basket Labels

A few posts back, I talked about having the babies sort their laundry as one of their chores. As a teacher, I'm big on visuals so I use labels with words and pictures on their little laundry baskets. The babies can recognize a picture of socks when we look at their laundry baskets and both started saying "socks" (or more accurately "sahhh") while doing their laundry.

Laundry: Toddler Chores

Let's be honest, with twins there is SO.MUCH.LAUNDRY. I pretty much always have laundry going in the washer or dryer or piled on the couch. As much as I try to avoid the couch laundry mountain, it still happens more often than I care for. In my attempts to keep up, I decided to involve the babies more {I know, I know, they are toddlers now but I'm going to call them babies forever}. 

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