Our 15 Favorite Easter Board Books

I have mentioned a few of our favorite Easter books here and there but I wanted to share a roundup of all of our favorite Easter board books. You know I love books and I may use holidays as an excuse to add to our home library. I just can't help it! I like to have a basket of themed books for the babies to look through so these, plus a few picture books are currently in our Easter books basket.

5 Bookish Instagram Accounts to Follow

After leaving the library world to stay home, one of the things I missed was talking about books with other book lovers. I used to know all the latest and greatest books because it was my job. I had other librarians to talk to, professional journals to read through, and time in the day to research great books.

While being home, I've turned to other places to find book recommendations and talk about books. It turns out there are A LOT of other book lovers on Instagram and it is a wonderful place to learn about new books, read reviews, and talk about books. I get so many ideas for what to read with the babies! Here are five of my favorite picture book loving Instagrammers to follow:

What We're Reading: Have You Seen My Dragon?

A book we have been reading on repeat this week is Have You Seen My Dragon? by Steve Light.

What We're Reading: Bringing In the New Year

What We're Reading: Blizzard

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