Getting Messy: Poster Painting

I have painted quite a bit with the babies (ugh, I need to start calling them the kids but I just can't!). However, they've always painted in their high chairs, where I can contain them and the mess. They absolutely love painting and they love to point out their paintings that are hanging in our kitchen.  

I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and get messy with their painting because I knew they would enjoy it. I also wanted to see what they would create when given a bigger space to work. It was totally worth it!

Crafty Mama: Mess-Free Painting

A while back, I was trying to make dinner but I needed a new distraction for the babies because none of their regular kitchen toys were cutting it. I remembered seeing different sensory bags on Pinterest and decided to put together some paint bags. They were a hit! Of course, it was so much fun that I wanted to play with them instead of cook so it may have defeated its original purpose!

Crafty Mama: Contact Paper Window Hearts

We have been crafting up a storm the past few weeks! This time we made contact paper hearts to stick on the windows in our playroom. 

Crafty Mama: Easy Toddler Sticker Valentines

The babies are finally interested in *some* arts and crafts projects so I have been taking full advantage of Valentine's Day coming up to do arts and crafts with them. The first project we did was sticker Valentines.

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