Toddler Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers and little gifts are my thing. I love putting together things like $10 secret Santa gifts, Ben's stocking, and gift baskets. I am pretty happy with my stocking stuffers for the babies so I wanted to share some of the ideas!

30 Stocking Stuffer ideas for toddlers from This Twin Life

As usual, these are a mix of Amazon and Target Affiliate links, with links to other sites as well.

Sweet Treats (that aren't too sweet!):

Dollar Store Finds: 

Christmas themed:

  • felt ornaments - $3 at Target! I found a pear, baby A's favorite fruit and a fox for baby B.
  • frame ornaments with their picture - also a cheap Target find
  • jingle bell instruments - I will add these to their box of music toys
  • snow globes - I had been looking for snow globes for weeks and had given up but then I happened to walk into Walgreens and they had a display of plastic Disney snowglobes for $2.99 - perfect!

Splurge-y and Fun: I actually would have wrapped these but I ran out of wrapping paper so in the stocking they go.

  • Piggy Paint Nail Polish - a little pricey but I'd rather pay more and know there aren't chemicals going on their nails. Baby A has also recently started to notice that I paint my toes and I would love to start painting hers for fun.
  • Jellycat lovey - Baby A has a cat Jellycat she adores and sleeps with so I got a puppy one for Baby B.
  • Honeysticks Crayons
  • Pineapple Maraca - also going in the music bin

Practical Stuff: 

  • socks - I had to buy new socks anyway so I'm sticking them in their stockings. PACT organic cotton socks are our favorite and have lasted us forever - they are finally outgrowing the pairs we got last Christmas!
  • toothbrushes - the babies also need new toothbrushes so I have some on the way from Amazon. We like RADIUS Totz Toothbrushes

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