Traditions: The 4 Gifts of Christmas

One of the most fun things about being a mom is starting our family traditions at the holidays. I expect a lot of these traditions will change and evolve over the years but I'm enjoying thinking about what is important for my family an starting a few traditions this year. One of the Christmas traditions I'm starting is the 4 Gifts of Christmas from Santa.


The babies have a lot of overlapping interests and play with most of the same toys but Baby A has been very into stacking things so she will be getting a set of wooden blocks. Baby B loves to wear his babies and the scarf we have just isn't cutting it so he will be getting an Ergo that matches one of mine. Here are their full Santa lists (Amazon Affiliate links). I'm looking forward to them being able to tell us what to write for each of their gifts next year!

Baby A: 

Something you want: Wooden Building Blocks Set 

Something you need: Gold Robeez Shoes

Something you'll wear: Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Something you'll read: The Okay Book by Todd Parr (her favorite author!)

Baby B:  

Something you want: Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier

Something you need: broom and dustpan

Something you'll wear: Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Something you'll read: Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus (his favorite character!)

I was hoping by doing the 4 Gifts of Christmas, I would be able to keep Christmas simple and more minimalist. Ben and I only exchange stockings. It's easy and works for us. I intended to just get a few small things from us but may have gotten a little more caught up in the gifting than I wanted to (more about that in another post!). How does your family handle gifts at Christmas?

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