That Time I Tried to Run an Errand (or, Why I'm Late)

I have been trying to run a quick errand for weeks. I just need to get a piece of paper signed at work. That's all. The other day I decided I'm finally going to do it.

That Time I Tried to Run an Errand (Or, Why I'm Late). Getting out of the house with infant twins doesn't always go as planned.I usually try to time car trips with naps and start to get ready about 15 minutes before I think the babies will nap. Plan for success, right? Well, here's how that trip went down:

12:45 - Babies are getting tired. Change diapers and get them dressed in "real clothes" a.k.a. not fleece jammies. Now that Miss Baby A is a rolling machine, this is not an easy task. Those viral videos of people changing twins? Truth.

1:00 - Put the babies in their pack n' play. Gather up diaper bag, my coat, and gloves. Go out to start the car. Very proud of myself for remembering to do this because I usually forget.

1:05 - Realize it is the one time Ben didn't clean off the car post-snowstorm. He is amazing and always does it! Just not today. Wah wah. Spend the next five minutes trying to find the {broken} snow brush and get into the car to start it without letting tons of snow fly in all over my seat.

1:10 - Check on babies. Go back outside to try and clean off the car with the broken snow brush while intermittently checking on babies.

1:20 - Car is cleaned off and warming up! Go back inside. Time to wrestle Baby A into her car seat, which she hates. Give her toys and sing songs in an attempt to stop the angry yelling.

1:25 - Put Baby A in the car. Run back inside for Baby B and smell him from across the room. UGH. Go back out and retrieve Baby A. Briefly wish I had an attached garage in a cul-de-sac, not a shared parking lot in a city.

1:30 - Baby B pees on his cute outfit as I finish changing him {boy-mom fail!}. Find new cute outfit and put it {of course it has 1,000 snaps}. Baby A is screeching from her car seat near the door because, again, she hates it. She's now been in it for 10 minutes and cannot believe we haven't gone anywhere. Neither can I.

1:35 - Put Baby B in my baby carrier, haul both babies out to the car {29 pounds of baby plus ridiculously heavy car seat!}. Wrestle Baby B into the convertible car seat, which, you guessed it, he hates. Get my sweating self into the car FIFTY minutes later.

We made it to my school, got my paper signed, got back in the car, and made it home in less time than it took us to get it together to leave.

Most days aren't like this but man, when they come around, they are rough! So, do me a favor if I'm running late - just give me a high five for getting there.


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