Review: Britax B Ready

*This post is sponsored by Britax. I received a Britax B Ready stroller and second seat accessory in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Britax.pngThe new 2017 Britax B-Ready stroller is a great stroller for a growing family and a family with multiple children. There are tons of great features and it's going to be my go-to for running errands around the neighborhood and travel.

Setting Up and First Impressions:
When I tried to pick up the stroller in its box, it was very heavy! The box said 35 pounds so it's not lightweight. It is, however, very sturdy and comparable in weight to my double stroller.
britax1.jpgAssembling the stroller was very easy. The wheels each click into place, as does the seat, canopy, and lap bar. You can change the main seat to face towards you or away, which I love.


The second seat also pretty easily clips into place and comes with finger guards for the back wheels.


Make sure to look closely at the guards as they are labeled L and R (I didn't realize that and put them on the wrong sides initially). There are also two extenders for attaching an infant car seat as the second seat. 

I had the opportunity to join Boston Moms Blog for a Britax B-Ready event in which Britax reps joined us to introduce and explain all the wonderful features of this stroller. I was able to ask questions and learned a few tricks I didn't know the stroller did. Baby A did a great job modeling with the stroller!


Features I Love:

  • foam-filled rubber tires - with foam tires, there is no need to refill or replace a tube (we've had to replace the tube on an air filled tire and it was so terrible, we took it to a bike store and they helped us)
  • quick-fold design - the stroller is very easy to close, even with the second seat. It takes a little more oomph and you need to push down on it to get the closing mechanism to latch when the second seat is in place. 
  • click and go system - there are 12 different configurations you can do! That's crazy. I like the option of facing a baby toward me, which I don't have on any of my other strollers. I also like how quickly and easily I can change the main seat from forward to rear facing. This would be a great option for new twin mamas - two infant seats can click in but it's still only the size of a single stroller!


  • tons of storage space - the basket is huge. It's fully accessible from the front and back, unlike some of my other strollers that are blocked by the seat. I can stow my giant backpack diaper bag, no problem. There is a zipper in front for easy access to the basket but no chance of anything falling out. Another mama at the Britax event said she fit 3 grocery bags in hers!
  • adjustable handle - the handle is fully adjustable. When I was first setting up the stroller, it was at the highest option and it is very tall. I'm not short at 5'5" but the highest setting is way too high for me. I imagine it would be a great stroller if you are tall!

Both babies are very comfy in their new stroller! They seem to like both seats but definitely enjoy how front and center they are in the main seat. It's like a little throne! In the second seat, there is plenty of foot room and I can still put a few things in the basket. I love having the option of a single stroller with two seats!


My few little cons for this stroller are that there isn't a wrist strap or cup holder. I will be purchasing the stroller organizer because I need somewhere to put my drinks and a wrist strap because I like the added security of it. Lastly, the sunshade does a great job covering the babies' faces but it doesn't cover their whole body like the one on our other stroller. None of these things are a deal breaker but something to consider!

The B-Ready retails for $499 plus 169.99 for the second seat. I would definitely recommend giving it a test drive if you're looking for a flexible stroller with plenty of options for your family!



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