Living Arrows -> 14/52

Here is week 14 of Living Arrows. How are we 14 weeks into the year already?

Spring Flowers Sensory Bin

It's still drab and cold here in Boston and hasn't quite felt like spring yet so I put together this fun spring flowers sensory bin to try to bring some spring to our house. This sensory bin is simple and with the exception of a few items we had around the house, it's all from the dollar store!

Living Arrows -> 13/52

Here is week 13 of Living Arrows.

Toddler Easter Baskets: Ideas for the Easter Bunny

I can't believe this will be the babies' second Easter! Last year, they were just 8 months old and really had no idea what was going on. I know they will get what to do with an Easter basket this time around and I have had so much fun picking out items for their baskets!

Finding Your Twin Mama Mantra

I think every new twin mom, and probably every new mom, should find their mama mantra. This is something you can repeat to give yourself what you need in the moment: strength, patience, reassurance. Whatever it is that you need.

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