Our Story: Hospital Stay

This is part 4 of our Story. 
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Our twins were born on Saturday night and we had been at the hospital since Thursday. After my delivery in the OR, we spent a short time back in Labor and Delivery and were soon moved to Maternity. I was feeling better than I expected but was still coming off my epidural and couldn't walk well. I was, however, starving because I hadn't had a real meal since lunch the day before. We ordered food from a restaurant down the street and I had the best eggplant parm sandwich of my life!

 The babies were early at 36 weeks and 1 day but were doing so well! They stayed with us but their blood sugar and temperatures were closely monitored the whole time we were in the hospital. They did amazing and were able to stay with us the whole time. Skin to skin with my new babies was my absolute favorite thing in the world and helped them keep their blood sugars level and their temperatures up.


I wanted to breastfeed but went into it knowing it could be difficult with two babies. I requested to meet with a lactation consultant and was actually able to meet with several different LCs over the two days we were there. They had me immediately start using a hospital-grade pump, which we rented for a month and brought home. I was producing colostrom and Baby A was latching and sucking well. Baby B was a little mucousy because his delivery was so fast and he was not as interested in eating. I always tried having him latch on and eat but we also fed him pumped colostrum with a syringe. I would breastfeed each baby for 10 minutes and then immediately pump after and feed Baby B the pumped colostrum. I did this every three hours and continued to do it after we went home. I'll post more about our breastfeeding journey soon since we are still going strong at almost 6 months!

I was pretty tired since we had been in the hospital for days and I never slept well, in addition to having been through labor and delivery of two babies. It was much harder to walk than I thought it would be, mainly from using muscles that had never been used before. My episiotomy stitches hurt a bit but between ice packs and Tylenol, it was totally manageable. I also had a sore spot on my back where the epidural went in. As long as I kept up with my Tylenol, I felt okay in terms of pain from birth and postpartum cramping.

We only had our parents and Ben's sister visit and that was perfect for us. It was already insanely busy in our room between the monitoring of the babies and me, the lactation consultants, etc. It seemed like someone was always in our room!  

The babies had all their screenings and their car seat test during our hospital stay. We had planned on using convertible car seats but Baby A was a few ounces shy of 5 pounds so we had to have my in-laws pick up a car seat for babies under 5 pounds.

Monday afternoon we were sent on our way. I honestly couldn't believe we were heading home so soon. I was tired of being in the hospital but it also seemed too soon to be going home with not one but two tiny babies!familypic.jpeg


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