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Here is week 12 of Living Arrows.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day all week with different arts and crafts and sensory play like this St. Patty's themed water bin.
LA12RF.jpgThis next picture is from St. Patrick's Day morning when I was trying to get the babies ready to go to music class. Baby A was being particularly opinionated about which shoes she wanted to wear. She chose two different ones so I put them on after convincing her to put them on the right feet. Then I got up to go get her brother ready. She started to run across the room and abruptly stopped. It took me a minute to realize what she was doing: trying to catch the dust floating in the patch of sun! I feel like this may not be the best picture in the world but it perfectly captures a moment of toddlerhood. 


This last picture is Baby B playing away in the playroom. He slept in and did not want anything to do with a nap. Of course my first reaction to a no-nap day was "ugh!" but it turned out to be a lovely afternoon with just him. He asked to play with different bins of toys, played, cleaned up, and asked for another. I watched and let him do his thing!

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Living Arrows

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