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Here is week 10 of Living Arrows.

We have been reading all about colors for the past few weeks and Baby B has been LOVING all of the books. He brings them to me to read and reads them over and over. Here he is reading Colors with the Little Red Penguin (upside down!).
#LivingArrows linkup week 10

We have been trying to spend more time with the babies one on one so about once a month we have baby dates and each take a baby to do something fun. This month I had Baby A and we headed to our Museum of Science! This is an amazing hands on exhibit in the Discovery Center for little kids that is like a giant lite-brite (who else had a one of these as a kid?). She loved taking out the different colored pegs and putting them in new spots.

You can check out the Living Arrows project linkup over on What the Redhead Said by clicking the image below! 

Living Arrows

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