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Here is week 8 of Living Arrows.

We had a beautiful 60 degree day over the weekend so we went walking! The snow was melting so baby B did a little puddle stomping for the first time.#livingarrows link up week 8

I bought these window clings a while ago for our playroom and let the babies play with them on a particularly cold and gross day earlier in the week. Baby A loved them. She could have pulled the colors off and put them back on the window all day! Baby B also liked them but then attempted to eat one.#livingarrows link up week 8

And because I can't resist pictures of babies reading, here's a bonus picture of the babies picking out books.#livingarrows link up week 8

You can check out the Living Arrows project linkup over on What the Redhead Said by clicking the image below! 

Living Arrows

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