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Here is week 7 of Living Arrows.

We have had such a mild winter up until the end of last it's been snow on top of snow. If I were still teaching, I would be on my third snow day in a row! The babies have been enjoying watching the snowflakes fall and the snow plows go by. Here is Baby B in one of his favorite spots in the playroom. It has the best view of our road!

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I'm not sure if Baby B has been going through a growth spurt lately or is just expending a lot of energy running around but he has been sleeping longer than his sister during naptime. All of a sudden I've had some quality one on one time with miss Baby A and I'm loving it. We did about 45 minutes of painting together one day last week. That might not sound like much but let me tell you, when you have twins, stretches of alone time with one baby is few and far between. She has been very interested in using pencils and pens and this was the first time she painted. She loved it!

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