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Here is week 6 of Living Arrows.

This week, I have a few photos to share. The first is one Ben took that I stumbled upon when I was organizing our photos. The babies were reading together! So sweet.
Living Arrows Link Up Week 6

I've been trying to get outside with the kids a little bit more. I am not a fan of winter at all so it's hard to motivate myself not only to bundle them up but to spend time in the cold. They just love going out though so it's all worthwhile! This is Baby A taking a turn walking in our neighborhood. She likes to explore the neighbors' gardens and sit on their steps.
Living Arrows Link Up Week 6

Baby B continues to love playing with new and interesting toys at our weekly toddler class. He was really into these SmartMaxx magnets!
Living Arrows Link Up Week 6

You can check out the Living Arrows project linkup over on What the Redhead Said by clicking the image below!
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