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Here is week 5 of Living Arrows.

We started a mama and me child development class a few weeks ago and this week the kids got to do water play! There were a few water tables and bins on the floor. I know they like playing in the tub every night but this especially kept baby A's attention for a very long time. She sat there and poured water from one cup to the other over and over again!
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My baby B will play independently for really long stretches of time if I don't interrupt him. On Saturday, he plopped himself in a spot of sunshine in the playroom and played with these nesting blocks - taking them apart, stacking them up, knocking them down. I love watching him without interacting to see what he does. Sometimes I find myself interrupting his play to ask him questions or get him to do something else so I have been trying to be conscious of letting him just be and watch what he does on his own.Living Arrows linkup
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