Living Arrows -> 1/52

This week, I stumbled upon a photo project called Living Arrows, which celebrates childhood on a weekly basis.
This project was started by Donna, the mama over at What the Readhead Said. Donna and other mama bloggers connect every Monday to share a picture that captures childhood in their family each week. 
I love the idea of capturing a moment in time each week because the babies are growing so quickly. I have taken a weekly picture of them together since they were born but I think I will try to get a candid shot of each of them doing something they enjoy for this project. Hopefully, I will have a beautiful collection of tiny moments at the end of the year. I'm hoping it will also motivate me to learn more about my DSLR camera and actually use it instead of my phone!
I'm a bit behind on week 1 but here they are: 
Baby A has recently started laying on her belly to read and I just adore it.
Seriously though, his little bathrobe kills me. 
Usually, I will post my Living Arrows moments on Mondays. Check out the link up below to see other Living Arrows projects! 
Living Arrows

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