Laundry: Toddler Chores

Let's be honest, with twins there is SO.MUCH.LAUNDRY. I pretty much always have laundry going in the washer or dryer or piled on the couch. As much as I try to avoid the couch laundry mountain, it still happens more often than I care for. In my attempts to keep up, I decided to involve the babies more {I know, I know, they are toddlers now but I'm going to call them babies forever}. 

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Growing up we always had chores and while I was definitely not a fan at the time, I went to college as one of the few people in my dorm who knew how to do laundry and clean a bathroom. My hope is that helping out around our home is going to help my kids be responsible, contributing members of society. At least for now, it's going to help me conquer laundry mountain.

The babies have been putting their dirty clothes into their laundry basket for months so I figured they were ready for a bigger job. For a little while, I have been asking them to find socks from the laundry pile and they are very good at it.

socks1.jpgThey have been finding socks and putting them in a pile {sort of!}. 

socks2.jpgI'm sure they will work up to matching pairs but they are not quite there yet at 16 months.

Now that they mastered finding different pieces of clothing, I have them sort their clean clothes - socks, shirts, pants, and pajamas.laundry3.jpg

laundry5.jpgIt takes a little prompting, a little reminding which basket is which, and a lot of encouragement and praise but they are getting it!laundry6.jpg

laundry4.jpgNow I'm looking forward to when they have the motor skills to fold!




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