Getting Out and About with Newborn Twins

One of the {many} questions that ran through my head when I found out we were having twins was "how the heck am I going to take two babies out?!" It seemed intimidating and overwhelming when I thought about it. However, once the babies were here, I found it wasn't nearly as hard as I made it out to be in my mind.

For us, the more we went out, the easier it got. There were a few factors that made it easy {well, easier, it's never easy with two babies!} for us to get out and about with the babies early on. The babies were born in July so we didn't have to worry about bundling them up to leave the house. We live in a very walkable area so we could get out of the house and just walk around the neighborhood. We chose to wear our babies a lot which made it easy to walk out the door without packing them up into car seats, which they hated and still aren't fond of! And lastly, Ben was home for four weeks on paternity leave so we had a lot of time to get used to taking the twins out as a family.

Our first family outings were just walks around the neighborhood with a stop for coffee or a bagel. Here we are when the babies were about 10 days old {I CAN NOT believe how tiny they were!}.


At first, we planned outings around feedings and kept our expectations low (get a bagel, walk back home). We would leave right after a feeding when the babies were usually sleeping and would come back within an hour to get ready for the next feeding. Even a short walk was a nice break from the nurse, bottle, pump, repeat life the first few weeks with newborn twins!

When we went out for breakfast or lunch, we kept it to quick counter-service meals. We also tried to go at off times and eat outside when we could. Even though it wasn't cold and flu season, we were still cautious about bringing the babies anywhere crowded.

beesknees.jpgA walk to the park was also a great way for us to practice getting out of the house and for me to get in some walking postpartum. I also practiced breastfeeding at the park to get used to feeding outside our house.

atthepark.jpgAfter Ben went back to work, I made myself take the babies out solo. I was nervous they would cry and I would get flustered so I kept my trips short at first. The first place I took them was Starbucks for an iced peach green tea lemonade {oh, summer, I miss you!}. Then I worked up to driving them to Target! 

Every trip out of the house was easier and easier. Of course, we had some mishaps (ever go to the doctor's without any diapers? have a blowout while nursing on a stoop in the middle of the city?) but those are all learning experiences. Pretty soon I could confidently take the babies wherever we needed to go by myself and we haven't looked back! I still plan around sleeping and eating if I can and try to be flexible and relaxed. The worst that happens is someone is cranky! If you're trying to get out of the house with two new babies, make a plan, ease into it, and just do it. You got this, mama!


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