Friday Faves: Mama's Favorites


This week I'm sharing some of my current favorite things! Right now, the babies are just about 9 months old, on the move, and teething. These are my must haves that help me through the day at the moment (I've mentioned one or two of these before, that's how much I love them!): 


1) Contigo water bottle - the only way I remember to drink water is to carry this around with me!

2) Spartina 449 Folio Phone Wallet - I stopped carrying a bag a long time ago and started using wristlets. This is my favorite one so far. I can throw it in the diaper bag, clip it to the stroller, or just carry it. It's small but still fits my phone, credit cards, a lip balm, and a few other necessities like quarter, a Shout wipe, and hand sanitizing wipes.

3) headband - my mother-in-law made me a few headbands and I wear them everyday! I have horrible baby hairs coming in after my hair fell out and it helps keep them in check. (Did you know that happens post partum? It does, it stinks. My hair wasn't even glorious during my pregnancy which makes it even worse!)

4) Contigo no spill coffee mug - I don't know about you but I am constantly reheating my tea in the morning if I don't use a travel mug. This one is also truly no-spill. You have to push a button to drink so I don't worry if it tips over while I'm playing with the babies. 

5) teething necklace - I talked about how much I used this necklace during our Disney trip. Well, I'm still using it all.the.time. Baby B definitely has something going on in his little mouth based on the extreme amounts of drool and chewing but we have yet to see any pearly whites. Baby A on the other hand has her two bottom teeth fully in and just cut 3 on top with another one almost there. I got this necklace as a gift but you can find them on Amazon and in a lot of Etsy stores.

6) H&M Nursing tank - we are going on 9 months of breastfeeding and with what I hope will be warm weather coming up, I finally invested in a few more nursing tanks. I've had a few from H&M and a few from Target since the babies were born. The Target ones have stretched out and now fit poorly but the H&M ones are still like new. The have a few cute patterns and solids right now so I stocked up to last me through the summer.

What are your current mama favorites???

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