Friday Faves: Disney Edition

Here are a few of our favorite things from our Disney trip!


1) Solly Baby wrap - I love my Solly Baby wraps! They're so soft, easy to use, and I like nursing in them because it covers me up without covering up the baby's face. I alternated my Solly wrap with my Ergo since the babies are getting heavy and the Ergo is more supportive.

2) Minnie Robeez - How cute are these? They stay on and black goes with everything.

3) Mickey Robeez - And these? I can't stand the cuteness. Both babies still wear these all the time.

4) Sun Hats - The Florida sun was bright and warm, even in February. If we were outside, the babies had their hats on! Baby A's hat is reversible and white on the other side. It's Circo from Target. We have a cute navy one for Baby B from Gymboree.

5) Mickey and Minnie zippered sweatsuits - These were great for our trip! They are adorable and they were perfect for evenings and the one chilly day we had.

6) Teething Necklace - If you have a baby who is teething, a teething necklace is a must! Baby A got her first tooth when we were at Disney! I wore mine every day and it was definitely put to good use. Not only was it great for my teething babies to chew, they also played with it when we were on the plane, at restaurants, and waiting for rides. Mine is from Amazon but there are TONS of beautiful necklaces on Etsy!

7) Ergo Baby Carriers - We both love our Ergos. They are really supportive and I can wear the babies for hours if I need to. I also like that they have a pocket to store things like toys, burp cloths, and napkins. They also have a hood which is perfect for covering the babies up from the sun or when taking a nap.

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