Friday Faves: Black and White


Here are a few of our favorite things, the black and white edition!


1) coconut oil - we use this for all kinds of things! I use it on chapped cheeks and dry skin, I add a little to our tubbies which has been helping Baby B's excema, and I add a little to my homemade diaper spray (Dr. Bronner's Organic Castile Baby Mild + water + a bit of coconut oil).

2) Sophie - I couldn't figure out the hype at first but now that the babies are actually teething, they just love their Sophies. Sophie keeps them occupied in the car and they pick her out of our toy basket when they're playing.

3) Solly Baby Wrap - I've been using this a little less frequently than I used to but I used it every single day for the babies' first 6 months. It's an amazing wrap, light for the summer, and feels more supportive than my stretchy wraps. I'll be talking more about my Solly Baby love in my next babywearing post.

4) Bum Genius Albert - I love this cloth diaper print! It's Albert Einstein-inspired and I have it in both a pocket diaper and an all-in-one. 

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