Foodie Friday: Polenta, Bean, and Veggie Skillet


Every once in a while, I just throw together a bunch of stuff from the fridge and every once in a while, it comes out really yummy! This Polenta, Bean, and Veggie skillet was one of those times.


We were supposed to be having taco bowls but our avocados were still really hard and you can't have a taco bowl without avocado. We have been testing out a {mostly} plant based diet the past few weeks so I have had a lot of veggies and beans on hand. I poked through our pantry and fridge and decided something with polenta and cannelini beans would be good. I had bought a log of basil garlic polenta on a whim last week and was looking forward to trying it. Beans are also an easy finger food for the babies so I always keep different kinds of beans in the cupboard.

Anyway, this meal came together with the following ingredients but I suspect it's one of those easily customizeable dishes that you can make with whatever you have on hand! It would also make a great side dish for grilled chicken if you're a meat eater.

1/2 log of polenta, cubed (basil garlic is delicious)
1/2 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves
2 squashes, chopped (I had pattypan on hand)
a handful of mushroom, chopped
chopped spinach or kale 

1 box or can of white beans, rinsed
salt and pepper

Sautee veggies and polenta cubes. Add beans, cooking a few more minutes to warm them. Salt and pepper to taste. That's it! The garlic and flavored polenta was enough seasoning for us but you could certainly add fresh basil, as well as more veggies, and even parmesan cheese.



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