Foodie Friday: Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm a pretty big fan of chocolate chip cookies (and pretty much any baked good). I used to stick pretty closely to the original Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe but I always wished they were just a little softer and chewier. I'm pretty good at following a recipe and can wing it while cooking dinner but not when baking. It's just too science-y and I'm too lazy to learn more about how different ingredients will affect what I'm making. Luckily, I've tried enough chocolate chip cookie recipes for all of us and found a great one! 

Host the Toast's Best Chewy Café-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies are really the best. They are chewy and soft, easy to whip together, freeze well both as baked cookies and as dough, and are just yummy! You'll have to head over the Host the Toast to get the recipe but here's a preview of the deliciousness:

cookies.jpgI pretty much always have some of these cookies in the freezer ready to bake. I like just having them for myself but it's also easy to throw some in the oven if I'm visiting a friend or having company.I used to just freeze the cookies already baked but then I realized I like them warm out of the oven best. Who doesn't love fresh baked cookies? I started freezing the dough and then realized prepping the dough in balls is by far the easiest. I freeze a tray of cookies, toss them in a ziploc bag, and they are ready to bake any time!




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