Flying with Infant Twins: What We've Learned


We just got back from the twins' first visit to Disney World! This was our second trip as a family of four. Back when the babies were 3 months old, we went to Hilton Head, SC. Overall, the babies have been amazing little travelers but we have learned a few things about flying with infant twins over the course of 4 flights. Are we experts? Definitely not, but hopefully the things we've learned can help you out if you have a trip coming up!

What we learned:

1) wear all the babies: we wore the babies through security on both trips. You don't have to take them off and will walk through the metal detector and get your hands swiped. We also wore the babies onto the plane, which made bringing our carryons and getting settled in easier. However, we were told we couldn't keep the babies in their carriers (Ergo and Solly Baby wrap) during take off and landing.


2) lap infants vs. car seats: the babies were so small on our first trip, we decided to hold them and it worked out great. They slept most of the time and were happy to snuggle up with us. We bought 1 seat for them on the latest flight because they're much more wiggly at 7 months than they were at 3 months. Baby A can't stand her carseat but Baby B doesn't mind it for the most part so we brought his seat and buckled him in and then took turns holding Baby A. Like all twin parent decisions, you have to do what works for your family!

3) lap infants: I called JetBlue before our first trip because our seat assignment kept changing from what I had selected. I found out each row of seats only has one extra oxygen mask. This means you can't have two lap infants in the same row and you'll have to sit across the aisle from your partner. 

4) it can't hurt to ask: If your flight isn't full, ask if you can get your own row. The plane on our first flight was 2 seats by 2 seats and wasn't full. The JetBlue gate agent arranged for us to have our own rows without us asking. The extra seat was great for containing all our things, passing babies back and forth, and the extra room gave me a little more privacy for nursing. 


5) car seat: I could only buckle our Chicco KeyFit 30 by going over the top of the carseat. I only figured this out by tweeting to JetBlue for advice after our flight attendant told me she never saw this kind of car seat before and couldn't help me (!!!).


6) double the babies, double the time: 3 out of our 4 trips through the airport were easy but we had a rough time getting to our flight down to Orlando. The lines to check bags and get through security were craaaazy. We planned for an hour and 45 minutes and by the time we got to the gate, the flight was already boarding so we didn't have a chance to do an extra diaper change or get on the plane early.

7) early flight? stay at the airport: We stayed over the night before our 8am flight to Orlando and just had to walk over to the terminal. We didn't do this coming home and it was rough getting up extra early, getting the babies up extra early, driving to the airport at 5:45am, returning the rental car, and then making our way through the airport to check bags and go through security. If you can swing it, it's definitely worthwhile. 

8) take off: although I've never had my ears pop while flying, we wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen with the babies. Baby B will take a pacifier so we gave him his paci on every flight during take off while I nursed Baby A. Taking off didn't bother them and 3 out of 4 times, they fell asleep!

 What we'd do differently:

  • Pack lighter! I'm an overpacker and I most certainly overpacked on both trips. On the latest trip, we had two large suitcases, a pack and play, an infant car seat with the base and Snap and Go stroller, a convertible carseat, two back packs, and a small carry on. Oh, and two babies. Lesson learned!
  • Take a midday flight. Early morning flights are a thing of the past for us. Getting up a few hours early wasn't fun for anyone and we no longer have the luxury of napping or zoning out on the plane. 
  • Consider flying out of a smaller airport. Being from CT, I've flown out of Bradley multiple times and not only are there rarely lines for anything, the terminal is a two minute walk from security. At Logan, I'm pretty sure we put in miles of walking! Between the lines and the distance we had to cover to get where we needed to be, it might be worth the longer drive to one of the smaller airports nearby.

What are your tips and tricks for flying with twins?


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