Disney World with Babies: Big Take-Aways

We recently got back from our first trip to Disney World as a family of four! Technically, it's our second trip since I was 3 months pregnant when we went last year.


{February 2015 - our pregnancy announcement!}

We had a great trip! The weather was perfect (70s and sunny!) and it was amazing to be able to spend time outside without bundling up. It was definitely different going to Disney World with babies but they had a great first trip and we made a lot of memories!

Here are some of our big take-aways from our trip that you might consider if you're heading to Disney with babies. 

Make it a family affair - My parents came down for the week and my aunt and brother came for the weekend. While not everyone wants to travel with their parents or in-laws, it's special for the babies to get to spend so much time with their grandparents. I also appreciate having extra hands for baby wrangling and my parents were happy to take the babies here and there so we could have a meal alone or go on a few rides. We even had a night out for the first time since September (!). Also, Ben's not a "Disney person" (I knew before we got married and no number of trips is really changing his mind...sad!). I like having other Disney people around and we all went to parks one day and left Ben at the hotel to have a relaxing pool day. 


{F with Uncle Pat on Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid, R with Pa at Magic Kingdom, R with Nana at Morimoto at Disney Springs}

Keep your expectations low and be flexible - On previous trips, we hit every ride, did extra magic hours late at night, saw fireworks every night, lounged at the pool, ate most meals at sit-down restaurants, and slept in some days. This was not realistic with two six month olds so I had to adjust my expectations and do what worked best for the babies. We usually went to the parks in the morning, headed back to the hotel for afternoon naps, went back to the parks or out for an early dinner, and planned to be back most nights for the babies' dinner, bath, and bed. The only meltdowns we really had were when we tried to push it past 6. Baby B knows when 6:00 rolls around that he's supposed to eat dinner!

Slow down - Usually I like to go, go, go on a Disney vacation but the babies forced us to slow down a little. Some of my favorite parts of our vacation were the quieter times. One day, my mom, aunt, and I took the babies to Epcot. We mostly walked around looking at everything (they were setting up for the Flower and Garden Festival!). When it was time to feed the babies, we sat at the gazebo in France. We ended up grabbing lunch from the quick-serve Boulangerie and just sat there a while enjoying the beautiful day.


{R and me, F and me ~ at the gazebo in France at Epcot}

Relax! You're at Disney World! - The only time I didn't have fun was a morning at Magic Kingdom when we spent the whole time feeding, changing diapers, dealing with a blowout, someone not sleeping, and I was making myself stressed out over it. It was one of those moments you wish you could go back and snap yourself out if it and say relax! Here we are many diapers and a new Minnie dress later that day, having a better time. 


{real life with twins}

Even if your day isn't going as planned, just enjoy being at the most Magical Place on Earth! 

I'll be back with a few specific tips and tricks that helped us make the most of our week!



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