10 Tips for Doing Disney with Babies

We spent a magical week at Disney World when the babies were 6 months old. We traveled with my parents, aunt, and brother, so we had a lot of helping hands throughout the trip! Here are a few of the tips and tricks we learned on our Disney vacation that might help you if you're traveling with twins or young babies!

10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Babies: What we learned on our Disney vacation with 6 month old twins.

1) Wear all the babies!
This is the best thing we did on vacation. We're a babywearing family at home so it was natural to wear the babies on vacation too. I mentioned before that we always wear the babies through the airport but we also wore them at the parks. If you are wearing on your front, you can just keep the baby in your carrier on any ride without a height requirement. Our babies also sleep well in their carriers so they always took at least one nap that way.

Disney World is amazing but there's also a lot going on. When carrying the babies, they were able to tuck their heads into us if they were getting overstimulated. I brought a Solly Baby Wrap and an Ergo for each of us. I ended up using my Ergo more than my wrap because we were doing so much walking and it was a more supportive. The Ergo also has a hood which was helpful to shade the babies from the Florida sun!

10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Babies: What we learned on our Disney vacation with 6 month old twins.

2) Rent a good stroller
Although we are all about babywearing, we also appreciate having a stroller to use when we need a break from wearing or want to give the babies a different view. We have a really nice double stroller but we weren't comfortable checking it on the plane or leaving it unattended at the parks. I like to think no one would ever steal at Disney World but you never know and for us, it wasn't worth losing our amazing stroller.

We rented a City Mini Double for the week from Magic Strollers and had a great experience! It was cheaper than renting every day from Disney and after seeing the Disney strollers, I know the babies were more comfy in their City Mini. The Disney strollers are hard plastic and don't recline. Magic Strollers drops off the stroller you reserve at your hotel's Bell Services and picks it up the day you leave. The stroller we got was spotless and in great condition. We were very happy with it!

3) Make your stroller stand out
If you're renting a stroller, it will be one of a million identical strollers parked outside each attraction at the parks. We found it really helpful to mark our stroller so it would stand out in the sea of stroller parking. This is also helpful because the cast members sometimes move strollers around to make room so it's possible your stroller won't be in the exact spot you left it.

We used the same markers we use on our luggage. They are neon green handle wraps. We wrapped them around the handlebar of the stroller and you could spot it a mile away. You can just see the green handle wrap under Ben's right hand in the picture below:

10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Babies: What we learned on our Disney vacation with 6 month old twins.

4) Lower your expectations and be flexible
I have been to Disney World so many times pre-kids that I know where every bathroom is, where the snacks I like are, how to efficiently navigate the parks and see everything I want to see while I'm there. I knew that while my babies are good travelers, it wouldn't be the same kind of trip. We have a bedtime routine, feeding schedule, diaper changes times two, and naps to account for now. I tried to go with the mindset that this would be a more relaxed vacation, maybe we would see everything, maybe not and that's okay. It helped me take it slower, enjoy parts of the parks I didn't necessarily ever appreciate before, and focus on my babies first trip to Disney World.

5) Use FastPass+
I prioritized what I wanted to see at the parks and planned Fast Passes for each day so we wouldn't have to wait in any long lines and still catch the attractions I love or wanted the babies to see. Fast passes are easy to select if you use the MyDisney Experience app! As amazing and helpful as a Fast Pass is, this is one of those things that can be hard to be flexible with...if your Fast Pass is for 12:00 and you have to feed your babies and then deal with a blow out, you might not make that Fast Pass window! And, you can also get a Fast Pass to visit different characters. Meeting Mickey was a must-do on the babies' first Disney vacation!
10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Babies: What we learned on our Disney vacation with 6 month old twins.

6) Use the Baby Care Centers
Baby Care Centers are one of those things I knew existed but didn't ever think about pre-kids. Now that I'm a mama, I fully appreciate what a great resource they are for families! There's a Baby Care Center at each park and they offer a quiet space to feed or change your baby or to just take a break and decompress. We only used them at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom but they are available at all four parks. They have multiple changing tables so we could change the babies at the same time (many of the bathrooms in the parks only have one changing area, although I noticed some of the newer bathrooms in Fantasyland had two). The Baby Care Centers have rooms for pumping or nursing, kitchens to prep bottles or food, areas with high chairs, and supplies for purchase. We actually needed to buy diapers one day (lesson learned - ALWAYS double check your diaper bag before you head out for the day!) so it was helpful to have a place to stop in and buy diapers.

7) Take breaks and enjoy the non-attraction side of Disney
Some of my favorite memories from our vacation were actually the most low-key moments we spent in the parks. One morning, I met my mom and my aunt at Epcot for girl time (plus Baby B). We just walked around the park and then sat at the gazebo in the garden of France in the World Showcase. We got french bread, cheese, and a few pastries for lunch and sat in the shade just enjoying the day. I nursed the babies and we let them play on a blanket for a bit. It was not something I expected to do at Disney World but it was wonderful! We also spent time letting the babies roll around at the Plaza Gardens at the Magic Kingdom. It was fun to people watch (we were near the Mary Poppins photo spot), let the babies explore and get some energy out, and enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom.
10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Babies: What we learned on our Disney vacation with 6 month old twins.

8) Stay in a suite
We stayed off Disney property this time because we were able to get a great deal on the Doubletree Suites in the Disney Springs area. We were walking distance to Disney Springs and had a one bedroom suite. The suite was great for naps and night time when we weren't necessarily ready for bed but the babies needed to sleep. A suite also gave us more space in general and a kitchenette to prep food.

I love staying at Disney hotels but this time the perks we love weren't worth it for us and the price was much better off property. We wouldn't have used bus transportation because it would have been difficult to bring the double stroller on and rely on a bus's schedule instead of our own. We also wouldn't have been able to make use of the Extra Magic Hours because we tried to stick with the twins' sleeping schedule for bed time and wake ups. There are plenty of suite and villa options at Disney resorts and if you can afford them, I'd definitely do that!

9) Stock Up
We stopped at Whole Foods and Target to get some of the things we would need for the week instead of bringing them in our suitcases. We bought baby food, diapers, wipes, drinks, and snacks for ourselves. We were able to eat breakfast in our room (oatmeal, cereal, and fruit) which saved us time and money. We also had snacks to eat when we were back at the room in the afternoons or at night. I believe there are also a lot of stores that will deliver right to your hotel. 

10) Do What Works for Your Babies
You know your babies! We knew we could be flexible with wake up times, eating (solid foods or nursing, but not timing!), and do naps on the go. We also knew we needed to stick to our bedtime routine and approximate bedtime. The one night we tried to stay out late, we ended up with one baby sleeping and one too excited to sleep. You know when you can be flexible and when to stick with routines and schedules!

What are your favorite tips and tricks for visiting Disney with babies?


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