Crafty Mama: Mess-Free Painting

A while back, I was trying to make dinner but I needed a new distraction for the babies because none of their regular kitchen toys were cutting it. I remembered seeing different sensory bags on Pinterest and decided to put together some paint bags. They were a hit! Of course, it was so much fun that I wanted to play with them instead of cook so it may have defeated its original purpose!

Mess-Free Painting : a fun and easy project for toddlers

For this project, you will need:  
  • paint
  • ziploc bags (gallon would be best but smaller sizes will work too)
  • painter's tape
  • optional: small toys or kitchen tools

I only had quart sized bags on hand so that’s what I used but I think gallon size would be better. I dumped different paint colors into each bag, taped them to the table, and let the babies go to town. I used Crayola Washable paint I had from a previous project and it worked great but I think any acrylic paint would work well.
Mess Free Painting for ToddlersSmooshing around the paint was so much fun! They poked the paint, smashed it with their hands, painted it with pastry brushes, and squished it with Squigz. Mess Free Painting for ToddlersSo fun and no mess to clean up! Do you have a favorite no-mess activity for littles? 

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