Christmas Traditions: Tiny Trees

I LOVE Christmas trees. I love picking one out, decorating it, and sitting by the glow of the lights in my living room at night. I also like having a tree that it shiny and sparkly. If we ever have a bigger home, I will have multiple trees (much to Ben's dismay - they are not his thing). For now, I will settle for my big beautiful tree and two tiny trees!

Tiny Trees.png

I always knew I would get the babies their own Christmas trees. I think it's so sweet that they can have their own little tree and to go along with our 4 Gifts of Christmas tradition, Santa will leave their presents under their tiny trees.

tinytrees.jpegI grabbed these tiny trees at Target and they are the perfect size for the babies. Big enough to hold a lot of ornaments and small enough to fit in the corner of our living room.

tinytrees2.jpgThe first thing the babies want to do in the morning is turn on their trees. They love to look at all the ornaments. Each ornament is special. I have been picking out an ornament for each of them every time we visit somewhere new. We have ornaments from all our trips - Hilton Head, Disney World, Key West, Santa Cruz, Chicago, Maine, Rhode Island, and Charleston.

tiny tree 3.jpgI picked out a few ornaments their stockings this year - a pear because it's Baby A's favorite food and a fox because Baby B's lovey is a fox. I also made an ornament out of their little baby shoes we used in our gender reveal.

tiny tree 4.jpgI just love these little trees! Do you have more than one Christmas tree?

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