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Our big summer trip this year was to Santa Cruz, California. We met Ben's family there to go to his cousin's wedding (in a redwood forest!).

20160820_160319.jpgMy in-laws rented a beautiful home for us to all stay in, which you know I loved. It's so much easier to be away from home when we have space, a kitchen, and laundry!

I had never been to California before so I was very excited to check out the west coast. It was surprisingly, alarmingly cold! Boston was super hot and humid at this point in August and I was expecting sunny 70s in CA. I had to buy sweats and clothes for the babies because it was cool and dreary until mid-afternoon every day. Here we are freezing at the beach - the Pacific had to be seen!20160821_162845.jpgIn terms of gear for the week, we brought carriers (no stroller!), pack and plays and a handful of toys, which we also used on the plane. My MIL had the brilliant idea of ordering a no-frills pack and play from Amazon and offering to sell it to the owner of our rental house to use for future renters. He happily accepted our offer so we only had to bring one pack and play (and my in laws actually brought it for us - traveling light is our number one way to travel successfully with two babies!). So, lesson learned - it never hurts to ask! I used our Prime shipping to send the pack and play, diapers, and wipes so we wouldn't have to put them in our suitcase. To make things easier on ourselves at meal time, we brought these little chairs, their dishes, and cups.20160822_182657.jpgDespite their toys, the babies' favorite thing to do was open all the cabinets in the kitchen:


My biggest concern about this trip was how to handle the time change. It was tough. This is how I started the first 3 days: 20160820_040813.jpgBabies don't know when you're in another time zone! Despite putting them to bed at their bedtime PST, they woke up their normal time - 7 EST/4 PST. Needless to say, starting the day at 4 am made for a bit of a wonky schedule. The babies were going down for their first nap at 7am. We worked around their naps but didn't end up doing too much in terms of sightseeing. The babies finally adjusted to the time change on our last two days and woke up at 7, just in time to head home!

On our last day, we headed up to San Francisco to actually do some sightseeing. Our first stop after driving up the beautiful coast was the California Academy of Sciences at the recommendation of a few other twin mamas.20160823_123753.jpg
It was phenomenal! We only saw a fraction of the exhibits but thoroughly enjoyed all of what we saw. We spent the most time at the aquarium but also walked through their four story rainforest and had lunch (pretty decent, lots of organic, healthy options).
20160823_135655.jpgOne of the highlights of our visit here was meeting up with another twin mama I know from one of my moms of multiples Facebook groups. We let the babies all play at the Early Explorers cove and talked about all kinds of twin things!
20160823_143915.jpgWe ended our trip with a car nap for the babies and a driving tour of San Francisco for me and Ben: 

We definitely need a much longer visit next time!



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