Breastfeeding Must-Haves for Twin Mamas

Like I've said many times, I cannot believe the babies are already 6 months old! We have introduced solid foods but we are still going strong with breastfeeding.

16 must-haves to make breastfeeding twins easier

As I reflected on the past 6 months of breastfeeding, I put together a list of some of the things that were amazingly helpful in the beginning and through the first few months of nursing.

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16 must-haves to make breastfeeding twins easier

1) hospital grade pump - I used a hospital grade pump at the hospital and rented one for home for the first month. It was more heavy duty than my at home pump and is what I used to help establish my milk supply. We rented it from the shop on the maternity floor of the hospital and just dropped it back off after a month.

2) home travel pump - I have a (affiliate link) Medela Pump in Style that I occasionally use at home. It's compact if I need to take it anywhere and works well for me. Insurance covered this so I didn't pay out of pocket for it.

3) (affiliate link) extra pump parts - extra parts were one of our best investments. When you are trying to feed and pump every two or three hours through the night, you don't want to have to wash all your pump parts each time you need them. We got enough flanges to carry us through the 3 middle of the night feedings. You can see how we organized our bottles and pump parts for night feedings in this post.

4) (affiliate link) Twin Z Pillow or other breastfeeding pillow - I only used my Twin Z pillow so I can't compare it to others like the My Brest Friend. I had to use blankets and pillows to support my twins in the Twin Z at first because they fell through the holes but it worked well once they were bigger. It's also great for bottle feeding, hanging out, playing, and now we use it to practice sitting up. (edited to add at nearly 2, my kids still love to sit on their Twin-Z)

5) (affiliate link) burp cloths - someone gave me white trifold cloth diapers to use as burp cloths and they're great. They are very absorbent and you really can't have enough burp cloths, especially with twins - twice the babies, twice the spit up and mine didn't really spit up a lot!

6) (affiliate link) hands free pumping bra - you need at least two! I went a whole week before I ordered one of these and I have no idea what I was thinking! It was a game changer to pump without holding the bottles. I quickly realized I needed two because I inevitably leaked or spilled milk on myself at least once a day.

7) (affiliate link) reusable nursing pads - I had a package of disposable nursing pads but they were uncomfortable and plasticky feeling. I had learned about reusable nursing pads during the breastfeeding class we took through our hospital and I went with Bamboobies because they are super soft. 

8) (affiliate link) hospital receiving blankets - I used rolled up receiving blankets to prop the babies up while nursing and tandem nursing. I also put them over my Twin Z pillow in case they spit up. 

9) cute and comfortable nursing bras - it was really hard for me to find any nursing bras that fit, nevermind ones that were cute. Is cute really that important? Kind of - post-partum is not the most glamorous time in your life, so I enjoyed having a cute nursing bra! I'm small chested and only went up one cup size so I was swimming in nearly every nursing bra I tried on. I finally found these ones at H&M. They are super comfortable, easy to unclip, and are actually pretty cute.

10) sleep nursing bras - I liked having a comfy, no clip bra for bed. These worked well for me, although from the reviews on, they may not be supportive enough for some ladies.

11) nipple cream - I never had any cracking or bleeding from poor latching but I did have a little chafing from constantly feeding two babies! Using a nipple cream definitely helped. I alternated between (affiliate links) Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter and Motherlove Nipple Cream, which were the two most natural creams I could find. They worked equally well for me!

12) (affiliate link) nursing tank tops - I still wear these Target tanks every day! They are supportive, easy to unclip, and have held up well for the past 6 months. I also wear H&M ones and love them!

13) (affiliate link) comfy bathrobe - this is a definite must-have for the hospital and at home! This is the easiest thing to wear when you are constantly feeding newborns. A robe will give you easy access for feeding and easy cover-up when you have visitors. 

14) (affiliate link)  a water bottle you love - a nursing mama needs to hydrate! Not only did I need to drink a crazy amount of water to produce enough milk, I also was parched all the time. Like I mentioned in my Pregnancy Must-Haves post, I need a water bottle I love to make sure I drink enough water. 

15) (affiliate link) Boon Grass Drying Rack - this is one of Ben's must haves! Although I pretty much only breastfeed, we went through a ton of bottles during our Nurse, Bottle, Pump, Repeat phase of feeding. (Edited to add, we still use our grass for all the straw cup parts the kids have!)

16) snacks - I kept a basket of snacks like (affiliate link) Kind Bars, Lara Bars, or Trader Joe's Handful of Almonds near my feeding "station" and always had smoothies in the fridge. Breastfeeding makes me so hungry!

Was there anything else you couldn't live without when you started breastfeeding or pumping? Anything twin-specific you couldn't live without?


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