10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors

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Hi! Long time, no see! I have been seriously slacking on the blogging front but I miss it and I'm back or at least I'm attempting to be back. We did a lot of traveling in the fall, followed by the holidays, and my new(ish) Etsy shop has been keeping me busy. But enough excuses. I'll be catching up on some very belated things like our super fun family vacation to Disney World and Hilton Head, toys and books we've been loving lately, and some fun toddler friendly activities.  

Today I'm sharing some of our favorite toys for exploring colors. Both kids are really into naming colors and matching colors right now and these are some of our most used color toys!

10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors

1) (affiliate link) HABA Lighthouse Wooden Rainbow Stacker which I found at the thrift store but we also have the classic (affiliate link) Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker. I love the lighthouse stacker because it's different and the kids use the pieces for all kinds of play but often they pretend the pieces are cupcakes!

10 Fun Toys for Learning Colors : Haba Lighthouse

2) (affiliate link) Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy This toys is fun for colors, matching, fine motor skills, and gears are always entertaining! I love that the gears come off completely because it means we can use them in other activities like a sensory bin.

10 Fun Toys for Learning Colors : Caterpillar Gears

3) (affiliate link) Playkidz: Super Durable Pound A Ball I love wooden toys and generally prefer them to plastic but this is one of the few plastic toys we have that I love. When it was gifted to the kids for their first birthday, I was pretty meh about it but it's one of the very few things they have played with almost daily from their first birthday to today at 2.5.

10 Fun Toys for Learning Colors : Pound a Ball

4) (affiliate link) Galt Toys Wooden Retro Pop Up Toy This toy is pretty fun, even for adults. You push down the peg people and they pop up and out of the container. We inevitably lose one at a time because they roll under furniture and pop into weird places but I love it.

10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors : Popper

5) (affiliate link) Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone We were gifted this xylophone last year and I was so excited about it! I love toys that do multiple things. Not only is this an instrument for my music loving Baby B, but it's also a hammering toy, color toy, and of course, balls can be used for many different activities.

10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors : Hape Pound and Tap Bench

6) (affiliate link) Mudpuppy The Very Hungry Caterpillar Deluxe Puzzle Wheel This is yet another amazing gift. The kids received this puzzle for their 2nd birthday this summer and it's the first big kid puzzle they mastered. I love anything and everything about the Hungry Caterpillar and this puzzle is fun because it relates to the book on one side and is colors on the other. 
10 Fun Toys for Learning Colors

7) Rainbow calm jars I make the kids calm jars because they love them and I love them! We have a collection of rainbow colors that not only look beautiful in our windows but are calming to play with and the kids love to name the colors. They like to say who likes which color. I picked the white one once and now it's my assigned color haha. They know everyone's favorite!

10 Fun Toys for Learning Colors : Rainbow Calm Jars 

8) (affiliate link) Grimm's 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker If I had all the money in the world to buy toys, I'd have a room full of Grimm's toys. Alas, we just have their sweet rainbow stacker. The kids like to stack the colors in different ways, use it in our rainbow rice bin, and match other colored toys to the rainbow pieces. It's beautifully made and I adore seeing it in our playroom!

10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors : Grimms Rainbow

9) Rainbow Fairies and Peg Dolls - I'm currently obsessed with painting peg dolls so of course the kids have plenty to choose from right now. Their favorites are rainbow fairies. They play with them in all sorts of ways like with our dollhouse, in sensory bins, and I find them hiding in all sorts of places around the house. You can find both plain rainbow dolls and fairies in my Etsy shop.



10) (affiliate link) PicassoTiles I had been aware of how popular magnetic blocks are from when I was teaching but it wasn't until I got them for the kids for Christmas that I fully understood. They are AMAZING. Baby B literally uses them for hours. All day. Every day. HOURS. He makes patterns and structures. He matches the colors. Baby A is also a fan but mainly she enjoys holding different tiles up to her face and looking at the world through the colors. I think they will help her understand color mixing because she likes to first hold say a blue tile and then top it with a yellow tile and tell me she sees green. They're very versatile and very cool! I highly recommend them. You'll be hearing more of my fanatic raving for Picasso Tiles in the future, I'm sure.

10 Fun Toys for Exploring Colors : Picasso Tiles

 So, what are your family's favorite color toys?


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