Babywearing Part 1: Educating Yourself

This is part 1 of a series on my experience with babywearing so far. Check back soon for more!


Babywearing was one of those things I just knew I wanted to try when I had babies. As I read about it, I realized, as with many parenting choices, it's important to educate yourself so you know what your options are and can be confident in your decisions. I would recommend learning all you can about babywearing to help yourself safely wear your babies and figure out what carriers will work for your family.

When I was pregnant, I took a class at a local baby shop that discussed babywearing safety and gave a brief overview of many different types of carriers. The teacher modeled how to use each carrier with her own baby which was really helpful. We registered for a few carriers we thought would fit our family and bought a few ourselves in anticipation of our babes.

I also did a lot of reading online about benefits of different carriers and how to use them safely, as well as how you can tandem wear two babies (something I'm still working on!). Some great resources to educate yourself are:

  • Babywearing International - BWI is a non-profit that promotes babywearing. You probably have a local chapter that has regular meetings you can attend to learn more, get help with your carrier, or try out new carriers.
  • Wrapping Rachel - Rachel is a certified babywearing consultant who has a lot of great tutorial videos on YouTube, as well as a really helpful blog. 
  • Amy Wraps Babies - Amy has amazing woven wrap tutorials and reviews for a lot of different kinds of wraps. 
  • Baby carrier brand websites - each brand of carrier is different so check the website for the carrier you want to use. They most likely have step by step instructions or videos! 
  • Facebook Groups - there are all sorts of babywearing Facebook groups. For twins, Tandem Babywearing is really helpful. You can get ideas for how to wear two babies, ask questions, and get advice and pointers.
  • Instagram - I've learned about so many different brands of carriers through Instagram! I've also found a great community of babywearers. Following other babywearers has introduced me to new ways to carry, and babywearing veterans are really helpful with pointers. Some hashtags you might want to check out are #babywearing #wearallthebabies #carrythem #keepthemclose #babywearingFTW

I'll be back to share a few of my favorite carriers!



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