Babywearing: Safety and Tips

This is part 2 of my babywearing series. Check out part 1 with resources to get started babywearing.

Today we're going to talk babywearing safety and a few tips I've picked up over the past 8 months. 


Here are some basic safety tips for babywearing: 

♥ Keep baby's airway clear - make sure the baby's chin is off their chest and their face is clear and visible

♥ Keep them close enough to kiss - baby's head should be high enough to be easily kissable

♥ Have appropriate support - make sure you're using a carrier that effectively supports your baby at their stage of development. Keep it tight enough to prevent slumping. 

♥ Use common sense - if you wouldn't do it holding a baby, don't do it wearing a baby.

Babywearing International has some great graphics that show proper positioning for specific types of carriers at different stages (newborn, baby, toddler). 

Some general tips I've learned over the past few months are: 

♥ practice makes perfect - babywearing gets easier the more you do it. If you're trying out a new carrier, it may take some time to get it right. Keep working on it, check yourself in a mirror, or ask for help. Eventually you will get it right!

♥ you may want different carriers for different stages and activities - as your baby grows and changes, your carrier needs will likely change. If one carrier isn't working for you right now, try a different one. The same goes for different babies. One of my twins likes to be snug and the other prefers to have her limbs free!

♥ use the Internet - the babywearing community online is so helpful! If I have a question about how I'm using a carrier, I can post a picture to one of my babywearing Facebook groups or Instagram and people who have a lot more experience than I have will give tips for a better carry or give you a virtual high five for getting it right.

What are your best babywearing tips?


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